Things to do in long island NY

Things to Do in Long Island

Long Island is a densely populated, mostly rural island in southern New York State, bordering Rhode Island. Along its heavily populated Atlantic coast is Jones Beach State Park; Fire Island and Montauk Point State Park; the latter featuring Montauk Point Lighthouse, which was destroyed by a massive ocean wave in 1820. Further west, the North Fork forms the western part of Long Island. On its southern end, the Hempstead Lighthouse can be viewed from Montauk Point.

Things to do in long island NY

While on Long Island, NY, there are many attractions that will entice visitors to make the trip. Among these are the giant squid found in the Hylan Museum in Nassau County, or the butterfly found at the Garden of Life in Garden City, New York. In fact, you may even spot seagulls while looking at the sea at one of its shore-side resorts. You can learn about the culture of the locals by visiting one of the island’s museums, which has exhibits on everything from early American settlers to how the island was shaped by nature. The world’s largest surfboard is also available for viewing at the Surf City Water Park.

For the nature-buff, there are a lot of things to do on the island. For instance, you can go bird watching at two different locations: the Long Island Bird Sanctuary in Southbury, Massachusetts and the Pelican Wild Kingdom in Garden City, New York. Aside from bird watching, you may also want to visit the seals at sea, hike the Appalachian Trail or take a cable car up to Prospect Point. Those who want to learn more about nature can visit the Woodshed Wildlife Sanctuary or the Marine Science Institute at Stony Brook.

If you’re looking to go on a roller coaster ride, you should definitely head to the Six Flags Magic Mountain in New Hyde Park. This amusement park is known for its coasters such as the Slush Gusher and the Atom Smasher. There’s plenty of fun and adventure to be had at this park and it’s close enough to NYC to visit on your vacation. Those who want to take their kids there can take a day trip that will allow them to visit both rides.

For those who are interested in history, there are many places in the East Coast to visit. One of these is the American History museum in the city of New York. This museum includes a world-class exhibit on the history of the country, plus it houses the world’s largest collection of relics. You can also go on a walking tour through the city to learn more about the past of the city.

When you’re done with all the fun things to do in Long Island, don’t forget to head to one of the many dining spots around the island. There are many restaurants around the island from which you can choose. Of course you can dine at your hotel but if you want to have more variety when you eat, you may want to try out some of the restaurants on the East Coast. You can even enjoy fine dining along the beaches. So whether you want to check out all the historical places on the East Coast or enjoy fine dining along the Gulf coast, there are plenty of things to do in Long Island for you to enjoy.