History of long island NY

New York and the History of Long Island

History of long island NY

Long Island has a rich history. In fact, it is named as such because of the many battles that took place during the history of the Island. The city was known for being a center of action during the American Revolution. There are a number of Civil War battles that took place on Long Island during the war.

One of the largest military actions that took place in the history of the Island was the Battle of Long Island. This happened at what is now Fort Nassau. This occurred during preparations for the Americans to invade the British. The British lost a large amount of men during this battle and so much property was destroyed.

The Second World War also changed the history of the Island. There was much destruction and death in that war. Many people who had fled to Long Island from Germany became victims of the fighting on the Island. Ultimately, the island was finally declared secure and the Second World War ended. However, there was still much fighting to be done on the Island during the Cold War.

During the late 1960’s, another significant event took place on Long Island. There was a major civil unrest in the city of New York due to the verdict in the case of the “Lyles”. This was a case involving the charge that white women were abused by black men on the island. The verdict was not fair, and so many people were angered. It was this situation that led to a riot when police tried to arrest a number of people who were involved in the riots.

Today, Long Island has a rich history to live in. There are a number of different historical sites that visitors can visit. The best way to see them all is to take a tour boat to Long Island. There are many historical sites in the New York Harbor area and the tours can allow you to see them all up close and personal. You can learn about the history of Long Island as well as what is happening today.

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy your vacation on the Island of Long Island. It can be relaxing, exciting, educational, or even romantic. It really depends on what you prefer and how you wish to spend your time. Take a look at all the various choices and find the one that is right for you.