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Elderly Bathrooms – Remodeling Ideas

Elderly people often face unique situations when it comes to using the restroom in their homes. They are most often prohibited from using the bathroom of their choice and must use the restrooms of public restrooms that may be located in a separate building. They also may be responsible for paying for their own facilities, which can be expensive, if they do not have access to a home health care provider.

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There is help, however. Many bathroom remodeling ideas for seniors focus on making these areas safer for them to use. ADA bathroom guidelines require certain changes to be made in order for a disabled person to use a bathroom or shower in one of these facilities. If these changes are not made, a disabled person can have terrible experiences in an environment where they feel safe.

The best place to start making these adjustments is in the bathroom. A disabled person should never have to move into a room or fixture outside of their home just to use the restroom. It is unreasonable for a bathroom to be larger than the area they are attempting to use. In order to begin making these changes, it is important to assess the bathroom space your house already possesses.

Look closely at the floor plan of the bathroom. You may already have wallpaper or carpeting in the space, which makes it easy to match other fixtures. In some cases, where there is no wall space, special tile and laminate flooring may be installed. These products make it easy to cover large surfaces without having to cut and place fixtures.

Once you have assessed the size of the bathroom you currently have, it is time to look at the individual features that make up this room. Do you have fixtures that are too high for a person to reach? Are there dangerous gaps between shelves and cabinets? You may be surprised at the number of items that could fall and injure an elderly person if this issue is not addressed.

Remodeling your home, whether it is a home with only one bathroom or a home with several homes, requires plenty of investment in time and money. With a small budget, there are a variety of simple solutions to improve the appearance of a bathroom for an elderly person. In addition to replacing the toilet and adding a walk-in bathtub, bathroom remodeling ideas for an elderly person include installing grab bars in the shower area. Bars placed at both the top and bottom of the door to help elderly people gain the necessary balance when using the bathroom. Grab bars located throughout the bathroom will help prevent slips and falls.

Installing grab bars throughout the bathroom will also make it much easier for an elderly person to get in and out of the tub or shower. In addition to the grab bar, an elderly person may also benefit from an elevated toilet seat. Toilets are often too high for people who have physical limitations. Elevated toilet seats will allow an elderly person to use the toilet without having to stand up too high.

As you can see, there are a variety of changes that you can make to an elderly bathroom to make it more accessible to a disabled or limited elderly person. You should consider making any bathroom remodeling changes that make it easier for a disabled individual to use the room. Also, when you remodel an older bathroom, you will be doing the best possible service to a disabled person by providing them with a safer and cleaner bathroom environment. With this in mind, you will not only provide a bathroom that is more usable, but you will also be providing a safer bathroom for everyone in your home.