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DeckingDecking refers to the timber posts, beams, joists, balusters, slabs, posts, footings, and deck timbers used in the construction of a patio, deck, veranda, garden deck, boat deck, pool deck, or outdoor patio. In engineering, a deck is an open flat surface capable of bearing weight, like a solid floor, and usually built outside, usually raised from the ground. In the United States it is generally known as a patio or open space. In Canada it is often referred to as a recreational space.

Decking is generally composed of two parts: the underlayment or decking material and the decking system or the structural lumber. In most cases, this decking is made of recycled or pre-owned lumber. Wood decking that has been cut, split, or chipped will not last long. The lumber should be treated using wood preservatives and water resistant fluids to resist moisture penetration and mold and mildew. If you are building a new deck, check with your local building codes for preservative requirements.

One of the best types of decking is tropical hardwoods. These woods are very dense and very beautiful. They have beautiful colors and natural grained finishes that make them ideal for decking. Typically tropical hardwoods have a density that is five times that of basswood. There are many species of tropical hardwoods including eucalyptus, oak, maple, heart pine, hickory, and Douglas fir.

Most tropical hardwoods are used to build tropical themed decks, but there is no reason they cannot be used for standard residential decks as well. The benefit of building a deck with tropical hardwoods is that they do not need to be stained or painted. In most cases they will be able to go natural with the addition of stains. Some manufacturers offer special stain that helps give the wood a naturally beautiful appearance.

Pressure-treated wood is also a popular wood choice for constructing decks. It comes in both solid and chip form. Pressure-treated wood resists insect infestation, rot, and warping. For many homeowners the maintenance of pressure-treated wood decking is much easier than building a deck from standard lumber. In most cases a pressure-treated deck can be ready for use in less than a month.

Another choice for building decks is aluminum decking. The nice thing about aluminum decking is that it offers the same visual appeal as wood. Many consumers prefer aluminum decking because it comes in a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns. Prices of aluminum decking will vary depending on the size and type of decking needed. In many cases aluminum decking can be installed in a few weeks instead of the months it would take to build a traditional deck.

One of the best materials for constructing a deck is redwood. The density of redwood makes it a great choice for building a deck. Hardwoods are also available in different shapes, sizes, and patterns. Hardwoods are generally more expensive than comparable softwoods. Some hardwoods are available in a special UV stabilized finish that provides protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. 

Wood decks are usually built using standard decking materials. Each decking material has advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a decking material, consumers should consider the level of maintenance required, whether they want to stain, paint, or use a clear wood preservative. Choosing the right decking material depends largely on what the deck will be used for and its durability and maintenance requirements. The right decking material can last for years and provide a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

In most cases the construction of a deck is easier than building a brick or concrete slab patio. Concrete decks can be built to match the existing appearance of a suburban house. Decking can be built to accommodate a swimming pool or a hot tub. It can be designed to blend into the landscape or to create an unusual design feature. When building a deck, it is best to consult with a professional to get an accurate estimate of the cost and time needed.

Most decking systems are made from wood. Different types of woods are used for the construction of decking systems. Most decking systems are constructed using premium quality redwood decking lumber. Redwood decking lumber is one of the strongest and most durable woods available. The wood can be treated to resist decay, insect damage, and water damage.

Pressure-treated lumber is engineered to resist moisture, termites, and rot. Wood decking is also easy to maintain. If you are considering building a deck, it would be wise to build it from solid, quality decking material that can withstand the stresses placed on it by the daily activities in your yard.