About C. D. Remodelers

Mission Statement:

At C. D. Remodelers we strive to make our community a better place to live and to improve our customer’s lifestyles through our remodeling process.  We only hire and train the best possible applicants who demonstrate the ethics and morals we believe in; such as friendliness, dedication towards one’s career, hard work, and happiness.  We do not use day labors, we hire and train only people who are or want to become talented carpenters who can build a dormer, or remodel a kitchen.

We strive to provide these qualities in our work through our craftsmanship and during the entire remodeling process to give our customers the peace of mind, and relaxation they deserve.  We are a family-owned company, and we will be here to help you with any project you have.  Please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our professional remodeling consultants.


C. D. Remodelers is a family-owned and operated business, built around the concept that improving one’s home inevitably improves one’s lifestyle.  We have been doing business on Long Island since 1977, with clients ranging from homeowners, business owners, handicapped, and public concerns.  Some of our previous clients include IGHL Inc., East End Disabilities Inc., and the towns of Brookhaven, Islip Riverhead, and Smithtown.


C. D. Remodelers has now entered their third decade of business on Long Island, and the art of home improvement has been passed slowly down the line.  With the company’s focus now shifting towards going green and helping homeowners save money on their home heating and cooling bills, you can look for Chris Donovan Remodelers to be one of the leading contractors of the environmental consciousness movement.

As Chris Donovan Remodelers moves towards the going green movement, you can look for us to help Long Islanders save money on their energy bills.  Through the use of Solar Energy, more cost-effective solutions for home remodeling, and the continued use of education you can count on us to help you out with any questions you have.

Solar energy is the best way to cut down on your energy bills as New York State boasts the largest cost per kilowatt-hour in the country at (.22 cents/hour). With no end in sight, the ability to cut costs in half will be even more valuable to the future of Long Islanders.  Now with the tax incentives offered by New York State, and LIPA willing to pay a large chunk of the installation fees for Solar Panels, the time is now to become energy aware with Chris Donovan Remodelers.